An honest critique of Bitcoin money.

Bitcoin is getting a lot of deserved attention. The technology is outstanding. However, it has deep philosophical flaws which prevent it from serving the “have-nots”.

1. Only the elite can ISSUE Bitcoin. Only the elite who have powerful, mega-computers can mine Bitcoin. This is similar to gold and silver commodity money. They are wonderful to have, if you are already wealthy enough to own them. Everyone else must trade their Federal Reserve Notes or time and products to get them.

Better: Barter is free and available everyone. Additionally, any business owner can issue a gift certificate for free which is money. Humanity needs a system where the “have-nots” can issue money.

2. Machines are the basis for the value which backs Bitcoin. Our existing system already places little value on human beings.

Better: Human beings back any form of money. Hour Money permits human beings to “self-issue” money.

3. Bitcoin is built for speculation just like gold and silver. Bitcoin owners hoard it waiting for price to go up. Once people hoard a currency it fails to act as a currency which must flow.

Better: Money is a contract not a commodity. A restaurant gift certificate isn’t the value; the food is the value. The gift certificate just makes barter easier. The flow of trade is maximized when currency flows.

4. Bitcoins value fluctuates like dollars, Federal Reserve Notes, gold, silver etc.

Better: Hour Money stays fixed in value like an inch. This protects from inflation and deflation.

5. Bitcoins are deliberately kept scarce. The entire basis of their value is that they are rare. However, Federal Reserve Notes are already scarce. Humanity needs abundant money in order to have abundance.

Better: Hour Money is as abundant as productivity. The more goods and services produced the more Hour Money is issued.


Did you know that bankers loan money that was invented with YOUR signature?

When we “borrow money” from the bankers the money the “loaned” is invented when we sign the promissory note. The money does not exist until it’s invented with our signature. The bankers then charge us interest despite risking nothing. This occurs with credit cards, car and home loans. And most types of business loans too.

Please watch this video for documentation directly from the bankers themselves.


What’s the difference between Greed and Usury?




This was a very popular meme on Facebook recently. Some of the most common responses where hate, greed and usury. Usury was named the most particularly by the monetary reform crowd. It’s an excellent question to really get people thinking. What you’re really asking is: what is the root cause evil on planet earth? Why are our institutions failing despite all the technology?

Many came to chose greed as the root cause problem, but in reality it is usury.

What’s the difference between greed and usury?

Greed, lust, gluttony, sloth, envy, revenge and pride are the 7 deadly sins. They exist with or without money. When we are faced with scarcity of food; some might be greedy and hoard far more than they can eat while others starve. These are all part of the human condition which we cannot eliminate. We can create an environment where their impact is minimized.

“The love of money is the root of all evil”. Usury is the “love of money” over our Brothers and Sisters. Usury is the monopoly/privatization of humanity’s barter system. Once that system is hijacked by the usurers all of our other institutions become usurped. Individual greed is a minor problem. However, when psychopaths war on humanity through the money systems we are faced with extinction.

Usury money is kept scarce for the “have-nots” so that they sell they souls to do their bidding of the elite. Meanwhile we circle the drain while the financial elite live in opulence. Worse, usury/interest/riba create un-payble contracts where it’s impossible for all to pay their debts. One cannot pay P+I when only P is circulated. We default and the usurers confiscate all land over time. All this can occur with or without government and the Federal Reserve.

Some also say they wish to eliminate all money period. However, money is simply technology which innovates barter. Any technology can be used for good or evil. Think of a TV. It can be used to control minds or emancipate them. Hour Money is barter scrip which eliminates force, fraud(usury) and monopoly over this essential social contract.