The People get a victory* over the banksters!

The People get a victory* over the banksters!

“Usury(love of money) is the root of all evil” Fortunately the usuryFree monetary reform revolution has started.

“Truth seekers” please watch this as you’ll see some of our progress. Outstanding coverage by Gary Franchi/N3. The private bankster(mall cops) run a false flag against Bruce Baumann/We Are Change Colorado and get caught red handed. The bank mercenaries purge themselves despite video documentation of their fabrications.

Bruce wisely promotes the LOVE REVOLUTION/organic food/ organic money/ mtnHours/mileHighHo­urs.

We don’t accept the dominant culture’s dystopian future of Zombie Apocalypse. The bunker, bombs, FRN’s/gold/silver, police state and fear paradigm are losers. Truth and Love are the path. The Love Revolution requires a Love Currency: = “the Love Currency” = Get paid in the vocation of your passion in a 15-20 week work year. Force and fraud eliminated from the social, political and judicial systems. And MORE funding for social programs. This is the potential the usuryFree Jubilee movement.

This is the Achilles Heal to the banksters oligarch.


*The People paid for the fines not the individuals perpetrating the crimes. The private bank security officials were not held accountable nor was the institution which hired them. The banksters just invent the money and steal our commercial energy to back their paper. That’s why we need to issue our own money and let the bankers, politicians, athletes, entertainers and talking heads truly earn our money. “Time to flip pyramids”!

“Change the money, change the world!”

PS: And we can fix the Fukushima mess which is the greatest mortal threat facing humanity.

Interest is NOT sustainable.

Interest is NOT sustainable. If your favorite monetary reform system doesn’t eliminate interest, then it’s un-sustainable too.

The banksters can control societies on gold, silver, paper or digital money creation and lending. They can create perpetual debt with big government, small government or even no government. All they require is usury/interest/riba. Therefore, to protect their vigorish they finance monetary reform solutions which blame paper and digital money. Or they blame force of government alone. Or they blame the Federal Reserve alone.

However, interest/usury/riba must be eliminated in order for money to serve humanity. We must eliminate: force, fraud(usury) AND monopoly of money or social contracts. Exponentially growing debt fueled by interest cannot be repaid by all borrowers.

lol! "It's the interest stupid!"

“The Money Fix” documentary recommends Hour Money!

Why is it called Hour Money?

1. Time is the only commodity which the “have-nots” possess. “Time is money”

2. The “have-nots” issue it directly without permission from government or private bank corporations.

3. It’s signed by YOU and backed by your “soul power”, products and services.

4. Organic money is THE bottom up, grass roots solution to centralized, bankster globalism.

5. Local, independent businesses issue Hour Money for free.

6. It’s the Love Currency because more can be employed in the vocation of their passion and gifts.

"The Money Fix" documentary

Clean up Fukushima with abundant usuryFree Hour Money!

Scarcity of money is an engineered deception by private bankers. A restaurant or grocery store creates new money any time they issue gift certificates or coupons. In order to issue more money all we must do is create more value. Value is the limiting factor NOT money.

What’s the MOST valuable thing humanity could do for itself?

1. Stop using the scarce banksters money.

2. Clean-up Fukushima. A networked Hour Money based international system will clean up Fukushima and more. Meanwhile, cure un-employment. “This Generation”s Greatest Cause”. Checkout John “the monetary engineer” Turmel’s plan to save humanity from its greatest mortal threat.

The Argentine Solution: usuryFree money to fix Fukushima

The banksters’ work at Walmart to you drop program.




The United States is a private bank colony. Just like the rest of the planet. We are debt slaves working for banksters. Each bank colony is slowly destroying the standard of living of its subjects.

The banksters are pushing puppet politicians to raise the Social Security retirement age to 70. Working at Walmart until you drop is the future for many people.

ONLY monetary reform is going to solve this. They need us. We will be much more healthy without them.

“Change the money; change the world”

The corollary to that: “Don’t change the money….work at Walmart until you drop”

Voting, protesting, posting, complaining solve nothing.

Using your Tribe’s own money is Kryptonite to the banksters control.

“You are a battery to them”- The Matrix

Usury = parasitic extraction of commercial energy from the producers to the banksters. Wherein, the producers become perpetual debt slaves to the <1%. All of our work and creative energy is funneled to the banksters. We are human batteries which fuel a “false reality” created to maintain the illusion of choice.

"Your are a battery to them" -The Matrix

Don’t be Hatin’


Don’t be hatin’. Watch this video from the original Star Trek episode called “Day of the Dove”. The crew discovers that racial conflict between humans and Klingons is being engineered by an parasitic force. The more the races fight the more powerful the parasite grows.

This is how the “money power” operates. They rule humanity with a tiny minority through “divide and conquer” strategy. The banksters simultaneously finance both Democrats and Republicans. The more we bicker over which is best; the more we are weakened. The spirit snipers or psychic vampires(usurers) fuel their system off of our anger/hate/fear/division.

The banksters finance each side of wars too. And even the peace movement at the same time. They finance all sides of conflict so they remain in control no matter what the outcome. Then they finance their own revolutions so that the People are herded by “false idols” to non-solutions. This is how Hegelian Dialects are employed to keep the people divided and weak.

Solution? Join the Love Revolution based on the Love Currency!

usuryFree, organic Hour Money!

Star Trek: 'Day of the Dove'