The Love Revolution is financed by the Love Currency otherwise known as Hour Money!

Hour Money is a training hub for time, based interest-free local currencies. Community currencies return “power to the people”.

Monetary reform is THE MOST ESSENTIAL topic for activists to study. Without monetary reform there will be no meaningful reform.


Most existing monetary reform proposals fail because:

1. They rely on the corrupt to vote for approval.

2. They rely on a top-down solution.

3. They replace private banks creating the money through the Federal Reserve System with private banks creating the money on their own.

4. They don’t eliminate interest/usury/riba.

5. They replace Fed Monopoly money with gold, silver, copper monopoly money.

6. They replace the existing centralized system with a new centralized system.

7. They don’t specifically articulate “What is Money?”

8. They don’t eliminate force, fraud(usury) and monopoly.

9. They don’t permit the “have-nots” to issue money themselves.

10. Their system has zero money without debt. (Some money should be available without debt)